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My house has seven double-hung windows that are 70 years old and in bad shape. I'd like to replace them but have a few questions. Here is an image of what I am dealing with: I'd like to just do sash replacement type windows. From what I can tell, a couple of them might need the sill replaced due to some rot. For the others that don't need the sill replaced, what should I do to protect them? I'm assuming the best time to replace/repair the sill is when you remove the old sashes for replacing. Regarding the aluminum storm windows/screens: Do I just remove and ditch these when I install new windows, remove and rebuild them, or replace them? It seems like the storm window design is what led to the deterioration of the sills: When they are opened (like during the summer), rain can pool behind the aluminum frame on the sill. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: VINCENT WATKINS (Haverhill, MA), 01/18/2019

As long as it's not load bearing. Can you easily replace one side's stud and trimmer with a 4x4? Then use a hanger:HUCQ Heavy Duty Joist Hangers Depends on the load for exchanging with a 1x4. Picture would be nice. Be safe, G

- ROBERT WILLIAMS (Brentwood, CA), 02/01/2019

Quote: Originally Posted by Just Bill Typical older house situation. The old storms go to recycling, modern L0-E glass eliminates the need for storms, and most storms will not fit under new replacement windows. Rotted sills can be reapired and the others wrapped with aluminum to prevent further mositure problem and maintenance. You are correct in you assesment. There are small drain slots in the storms to let water out. Too often they get caulked over or blocked by debris which results in rotted sills. When considering replacement windows, avoid local window companies that may not be around if you needs parts for service. Lifetime warranties are useless if the company is not there when you need them. I prefer national companies with long track records for service or at least regional companies. Big box stores do not have any of the above. If they advertise windows at $199, installed, run the other way. Thanks for the excellent info. One clarification: Are you recommending not getting replacement windows from a Lowes/HD?

- CLAYTON KLEIN (Gulfport, MS), 02/01/2019

Yes, not from HD/Lowes. I consider those windows junk or slightly above junk, not worth the time/ effort. I say this with 24 yrs as a remodeler.

- CHARLENE NORRIS (Union City, CA), 02/13/2019

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